BOON FLY Drying Rack Accessory



BOON FLY  Drying Rack Accessory solves all your drying space problems.

If you wish to add some more space to your BOON Grass drying rack, give this FLY accessory a try.  Made with Boon’s famous cutting-edge design, this great drying rack accessory provides you with some extra space to hang bottle caps, sippers, and other small accessories.

 Shaped like a cactus the BOON FLY  Drying Rack Accessory fits perfectly into a BOON Grass to expand your drying space.


  • Compatible with Boon countertop drying racks
  • For your drying space needs, so you can have more space for drying bigger items
  • Use the taller base for bibs
  • Stems are interchangeable
  • Recommended age: ADULT
  • Made without BPA or PVC
  • Dimensions: 12″ x 5.5″ x 2.75″

Extend your BOON GRASS drying space with the BOON FLY  Drying Rack Accessory.