Bobcat 2 Foldable Baby Swing



Bobcat 2 Foldable Baby Swing is a perfect swing for babies and toddlers.

Make swing time a fun time with this perfect outdoor and indoor solution for parents who have little kids. It features a Lifespan Baby Swing Seat moulded from a safe strong weather resistant material with durable ropes for a safe and gentle swinging.

The baby swing set has a bucket style mould for secure seating. The safety harness straps and high back chair is designed for high levels of safety during play for kids 10 months older.


  • For outdoor domestic use only
  • Foldable and easy assembly
  • Interchangeable seats
  • Adjustable seats
  • Soft feel ropes
  • Adult supervision recommended at all times
  • Recommended age 10 months +
  • Extremely sturdy Metal Swing Set
  • Full UV-Protection & Galvanised steel
  • Recommended age 10 months+
  • Max user weight: 50kg

The Bobcat 2 Foldable Baby Swing is perfect for hours of lounge room or backyard fun and great bonding experience.