Blue Opal Wild Australia Wetlands & Marshes 150-Piece Puzzle



The Blue Opal Wild Australia Wetlands and Marches show animals that will amaze and captivate your kids nature-loving interest.

The Blue Opal Wild Australia Wetlands and Marshes have 150 puzzle pieces with a box depicting in different animals are usually seen in a diverse body of water in the Australian forest floor. This captivating portrait of species will let your kids understand how these animals live on their habitat.  Plus, kids will experience a fun, and challenging game has to offer. Play it with friends and family. All they need is to complete the puzzle pieces that will show a large image for more appreciation.

Blue Opal’s jigsaw pieces creations like this one made of high-quality cardboard, passed the FSC safe for kids and the environment. 


  • Blue Opal Wild Aust Wetlands and Marshes set includes 150 puzzle pieces.
  • It illustrates a realistic picture of creatures found in the Wetlands of Australia.
  • The puzzle box has vibrant coloured animals printed on it.
  • The puzzle size is about 49 x 36cm.
  • Recommended for 8 years old and up.

Show your kids the different wonders the Australian wetlands has to offer to widen their wild imagination while enjoying the game.