Blue Opal Wild Australia The Outback 100-Piece Puzzle



Blue Opal Wild Australia, The Outback 100-Piece Puzzle is an ideal fun recreational activity for kids.

The Blue Opal Wild Australia the Outback puzzle comprises of 100 puzzle pieces highlighting distinct wildlife in the remote part of the country that your kids will love and enjoy. Ready to be amused as your kids fit all smaller pieces one-by-one to produce a picture-perfect of different creatures in the wild of Australia. This game was design not just to entertain but rather, value and respect wildlife as a whole. It’s more fun playing the game dismantling and assembles it all over and over again.

The Blue Opal Wild Aust the Outback is produce using recycled cardboard; with its travel size, kids can bring it along with them wherever they will go and enjoy playing it all over again. 


  • The Blue Opal Wild Australia the Outback set includes 100 puzzle pieces.
  • The puzzle box depicts creatures from Australian wild. 
  • Enjoyable and instructional play for kids.
  • It is an FSC certified that supports and protect wildlife.
  • It is recommended for ages 6 years old and up.

Get your kids to gain an understanding and appreciation of wildlife with this Blue Opal’s jigsaw puzzle game.