Blue Opal Travel Whos Who Game



The Blue Opal Travel Who’s Who game is a challenging board game that your kids, family and friends will enjoy.

The Who’s Who game is a type of board game of hidden identity consists of 18 different characters in the game. The players must sit opposite to each other. The first player has to shuffle the character cards and deals one card down to themselves and one to their opponent. The two players should then place the card given into the slot at the front of each other’s unit so, they both can see it, but the competitor cannot. Each player has a chance to ask specific questions to hint possible character’s identity. The player that reached the agreed number of correct identification first is the winner. The game will not just give kids enjoyment but can challenge themselves to come up with strategies and techniques to solve problems at a young age that they can apply as they grow older.

The Blue Opal Travel Who’s Who game is made of self-contained plastic and is portable to make it right for travelling. With its size, kids can bring it whenever, and wherever they will go with friends and family.


  • The Blue opal Travel Who’s who game set includes
    • 2 platforms with different colours
    • 18 Several faceplates
  • Memory games improve your child’s skill in comprehension and attentiveness.
  • It is a product of high-quality plastic safe for kids to play.
  • Suitable to play for ages 6 years old and above.

Discover inner talent and test your kids’ memory skills while enjoying the Blue Opal Travel Who’s Who game at the same time.