Beanie Boos Regular Dumbo Elephant Plush



Beanie Boos Regular Dumbo Elephant is an adorable 15.24cm plush toy with large pink ears, cute eyes and a long nose.

Take home the lovely Dumbo with this cuddly plush toy that features Disney’s lovable elephant. The Beanie Boos Regular Dumbo Elephant Plush is made with super silky fabrics, making him a huggable companion for little ones. He also comes with super long ears that stretch from his trunk to his tail! With his soft body and sweet features, young kids will have a hard time putting him down.


  • Dumbo elephant stuffed toy is made with soft and silky fabric, making it a perfect plush toy for small kids.
  • Beanie baby plush includes an official TY heart.
  • The elephant toy measures 15.24cm (6”) tall.
  • Dumbo stuffed animal is based on Walt Disney’s friendly elephant character.
  • The animal toy has large pink ears, bright blue embroidered eyes, and little white toenails.
  • Surface clean only.
  • Suitable for kids ages 6 months and up

Introduce a soft and huggable elephant friend with the Beanie Boos Regular Dumbo Plush.