Be Amazing Toys Super Slime in Electric Blue



Ready little discoverers for an exciting polymer fun with the Super Slime in Electric Blue.

Children will be amazed as they discover the many creative and awe-inspiring possibilities of science with Super Slime. Be ready for hours of action as children mix, play, create, and learn about polymers through this fun-filled activity.

Making slime is easy and fun with the Super Slime set. Simply mix the two liquids and allow them to dry! The slime hardens into a piece of art in a few days. Available in Electric Blue and other vibrant colours, the Super Slime can also be swirled together to create more incredible designs!


  • Super Slime in Electric Blue Kit includes:
    • Super Slime Saucer
    • 100ml Blue Slime
    • 20ml Slime Activator
    • Instructions
  • One set makes 3 oz. slime
  • Manufactured by Be Amazing, an award-winning toy brand dedicated to helping children wonder, explore, and discover the world and the joys of creative play.
  • Vibrant colours that glow under backlight and won’t stain hands
  • Stabilizers improve playtime
  • Get other amazing slime colours, including Neon Yellow, Tangerine Orange, Hot Pink and more!
  • Recommended for children ages 8 and up
  • Dimensions: 21.5cm × 12.0cm × 4.0cm

Looking for an activity to get little hands busy? Give in to the trend and make some slime with the Super Slime in Electric Blue.