Bath Bomb Surprise Fantasy Friends



Fantasy Friends edition of Bath Bomb Surprise adds some magic and fun to bathtime

Create your own Fantasy themed Bath Bomb, drop it in and watch the bath go wild! With a secret surprise hidden inside every bath bomb, encourage your kids to enjoy bathtime with minimal fuss with the excitement and surprise of fizzing madness. Stretch your creative muscles whilst you create your own personal and crazy design! This is a must-have for any fan of the world of make-believe!

Creative Kids is a producer of epic kids toys. Known for their exciting and creative products, any kid who loves wild and awesome entertainment will be at home with the suite of available Creative Kids products. 


  • Exciting colours included in the bath bomb kit produce crazy fizz patterns when dropped in a bath.
  • A secret surprise is hidden in every bath bomb. 
  • Includes all necessary equipment to create your very own bath bomb.  
  • Designed for kids from 8 years old.

This Fantasy Friends edition of Bath Bomb Surprises is an awesome gift or surprise for any child driven by their curiosity, creativity and a love for all things magical!