Barbie Made to Move Skateboarder Doll



Let your child dream big with this Barbie Made to Move Skateboarder Doll

Barbie Dolls stir a girl’s imagination, encouraging creativity and discovery through play. 

This Barbie was really made to move with 22 “joints” – in the neck, upper arms, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, upper legs, knees and even ankles — for flexibility and an astounding variety of motion! Dressed in a casual outfit that includes a graphic t-shirt, a pair of denim leggings for maximum mobility, a plaid shirt and a pair of comfy white sneakers, this Barbie came to show off some skate moves with her skateboard. Young sport and skate enthusiasts would definitely be inspired by this Barbie skateboarder doll who isn’t afraid of facing challenges and exploring tons of careers. Makes a great gift to inspire little girls to dream big dreams and spark their interest in their future careers. 

Features : 

  • This skateboarder doll is great for imaginative play 
  • Made to Move doll wears a casual outfit with a graphic shirt, light blue jeggings, a pair of white sneakers and a plaid shirt  
  • Comes with a purple skateboard, knee pads and a helmet
  • Doll cannot stand alone
  • For kids 3 years and above

Letting children explore countless possibilities and professions is a lot more fun with Barbie Made to Move Skateboarder Doll.