Barbie Fashionista 152 Ken Doll in Blonde Hair and Tropical Print Shirt



Barbie Fashionista 152 Ken Doll comes with blonde hair as he wears his watermelon-pineapple shirt from Barbie’s new positive body image range!

Barbie has always moved with the times, and this Ken Doll is part of the Barbie Fashionista Doll range that offers girls dolls that more accurately reflect the world as it is today. Kids can expand their Barbie play to include a Ken doll with styled blonde hair wearing a cool blue button-up tee with a watermelon-pineapple design, a pair of pink shorts and a pair of white sneakers.

Features :

  • The Barbie Fashionista’s range offer kids the ability to pick different body shapes, heights, skin colour and hairstyles that match their world.
  • This version of Ken has his blonde hair styled up and stays fresh in his blue button-down polo with a watermelon-pineapple design paired with denim pink shorts and a pair of white sneakers.
  • Ken finishes up his outfit with a pair of white-framed wayfarer sunnies.
  • The full range of Barbie Fashionista dolls provides a wider diversity in dolls to enhance your child’s pretend play.
  • Suitable for kids from ages 3 years and older.

Add a summer-ready character to your child’s collection with Barbie Fashionista 152 Ken Doll!