Barbie Dream Horse with Barbie



Barbie loves her Dream Horse who is touch activated

The Barbie Dream Horse is an amazing new addition to the Barbie collection, and Barbie loves her new Dream Horse and we’re sure your children will too ! Touch and voice activated this Dream Horse acts and moves just like a real horse, and comes with horse riding Barbie.

Features :

  • The Barbie Dream Horse is a large sized horse, made to look, move and act just like a real horse.
  • Touch points along the Dream Horses’ body respond to your child’s touch with walking and turning 360 degrees or neighing and feeding.
  • The Dream Horse nuzzles your hand, responds to questions with a nodding head for yes and shaking head for no.
  • Fun songs are voice activated and the horse will dance to the music.
  • The horse walks and turns just like a real horse and is simply awesome.
  • Everything your child needs for extended play is included. The horse comes with a saddle and bridle, horse riding Barbie as well as carrot for treat.
  • Perfect for active play and modeling a healthy lifestyle the Barbie 2 Storey Dollhouse is a terrific addition to any Barbie collection.
  • Barbie clips securely onto her Dream Horse.

The Barbie Dream Horse is the first ever touch and voice activated Barbie Horse and she is super fun.