Barbie Club Chelsea Doll – Swimming



Barbie Club Chelsea Doll – Swimming is ready for a swim with her Barbie friends

When left on their own, Chelsea and her friends love to have tons of fun playing dress-up ! Chelsea is Barbie’s little sister so each doll is smaller than Barbie and with six dolls in the range you will be able to find a doll to suit your child.

Features :

  • The Barbie Club Chelsea Doll – Swimming is dressed in her cute swimmers ready for an afternoon of swimming with her friends.
  • She loves to have a cold drinkwith her friends so she has a cardboard drink which fits in her hand for realistic play.
  • Her cute swimming bottoms are removable and she has long flowing hair which is tied but can be styled and a set of fun heart shaped sunglasses.


The Barbie Club Chelsea Doll – Swimming is a terrific doll for Barbie and Chelsea fans.