Barbie 60th Anniversary Astronaut Doll



Let your child dream big with this Barbie 60th Anniversary Astronaut Doll 

Barbie Dolls stir a girl’s imagination, encouraging creativity and discovery through play. 

With a sparkling white space suit complete with pockets, wires and monitors in blue and pink, little girls will have a totally amazing time playing with this Barbie 60th Anniversary Astronaut Doll. The lady astronaut also wears a matching white space helmet, a pair of gloves and shoes to make playtime more realistically fun and exciting. Makes a great gift to inspire little girls to dream big dreams and spark their interest in their future careers. 

Features : 

  • This iconic astronaut doll is great for imaginative play 
  • Astronaut doll wears a spacesuit with realistic details such as pockets, wires and monitors 
  • Comes with a space helmet
  • Doll cannot stand alone
  • For kids 3 years and above

Letting children explore countless possibilities and professions is a lot more fun with Barbie 60th Anniversary Astronaut Doll.