Barbie 1973 Doctor Doll



Celebrate one of Barbie’s most important careers while honouring first responders worldwide with this reproduction of the signature 1973 doll.

Barbie 1973 Doctor Doll honours all professionals in the medical field. This classic reproduction doll from 1973 features Barbie in two outfits: a professional doctor’s attire and her medical scrub suit. She comes with beautiful retro-inspired accessories such as the bright teal telephone, essential medical tools and packaging inspired by the original artwork. The Barbie doll also highlights a vintage quick-style hairstyle that is as fashionable in the ’70s as today.


  • This signature reproduction of the 1973 Barbie doll features a quick-curl blonde hair and plenty of retro accessories such as:
    • Stethoscope
    • Diploma
    • Head mirror
    • X-ray film
    • Telephone
    • Cloth towel
  • Two outfits for immersive roleplaying experience for kids
  • Dimensions: 8.62 cm x 18.78 cm x 34.02 cm
  • Suitable for kids ages 6+ years

Barbie is ready to make a statement and break boundaries in and out of the operating room in this 1973 reproduction doll.