Baby Annabell Little Alexander 36cm Doll



Baby Annabell Little Alexander 36cm Doll features sleeping brown eyes and a soft body plus a onesie, a cap and a bottle to feed him with!

For years, Baby Annabell Doll has been a childhood favourite by little mummies and daddies and has been essential to many children’s playtime. The 36cm version of the Baby Annabell doll brings her little brother Alexander who has sleepy brown eyes whenever he is laid down. Little Alexander wears an easy-to-put and take-off romper, to make playtime with him much easier. This baby doll also comes with a soft body made of fabric, making Baby Annabell Little Alexander 36cm Doll the perfect toy to help introduce your child to doll-play before they delve into more advanced dolls with advanced functions.

Features :

  • Baby Annabell Little Alexander 36cm Doll is a soft-bodied boy baby doll made of soft fabrics that include:
    • 1 Baby Alexander Doll
    • 1 Romper
    • 1 Hat
    • 1 Bottle
  • Little Alexander Doll – 36cm closes his eyes when laid down.
  • Roleplay has been shown to boost the imagination and develop social skills and values such as responsibility, communication and empathy.
  • Suitable for children, ages 12 months and up.

Introduce your little one to doll play when you let them start playing with the adorable Baby Annabell Little Alexander 36cm Doll!