Baby Annabell Doll



Baby Annabell Doll is just like a real baby

The Baby Annabell Doll has been a favourite for many years with children who want a lifelike doll. The newest version of the Baby Annabell has an amazing array of functions which make her feel, act and look just like a real baby.

Features :

  • Baby Annabelle mirrors real babies by crying real tears, loving her bottle and going to the potty.
  • Give your Baby Annabelle her bottle  and she will blink her eyes, open her mouth and suck on the bottle. The bottle can be filled with water.
  • After she has had her bottle give Baby Annabelle a burp and listen to her cute little burps. 
  • Before she has a play Baby Annabelle will need to go on the potty, just press the little heart shape on her chest and she goes to the potty like a big girl.
  • Baby Annabelle will giggle and babble to you, and she might cry real tears when she’s tired. Give her her dummy and pop her into bed and watch as her eyes close.
  • The Baby Annabelle doll includes Baby Annabell, bib, necklace charm, bottle and dummy as well as a cute starter outfit of romper and hat.
  • There are so many ways to play with Baby Annabelle.


The Baby Annabelle Doll is the perfect childhood toy for children who enjoy role play and looking after babies.