Baby Annabell Doll Learns to Walk



Baby Annabell Doll Learns to Walk is just like a real baby

The Baby Annabell Doll has been a favourite for many years with children who want a lifelike doll. The newest version of the Baby Annabell is the Learn to Walk doll, who crawls along just like a real baby, tries to stand up and when she does will walk along with your child holding her hands.

Features :

  • Baby Annabelle mirrors real babies learning to walk.
  • Realistic crawling movements are where Baby Annabell starts to learn to walk, she also sits up and moves her arms and legs just like a real baby.
  • As she crawls, she will try to stand up and once she manages it will walk forward with the help of your child.
  • When Baby Annabell gets tired she will lie down and close her eyes for a sleep.
  • A terrific doll for kids who enjoy playing Mummy.
  • This Baby Annabell comes with a romper outfit and hat, other Baby Annabell clothes will fit.

The Baby Annabell Doll Learns to Walk is the perfect childhood toy for children who enjoy role play and looking after babies.