Baby Alive Powdered Doll Food



The Baby Alive Powdered Doll Food will lengthen your little one’s playtime with their Baby Alive dolls!

Baby Dolls are popular with children all around the world. By mirroring the lifelike functions of a real baby, the Baby Alive range makes doll-play more interactive and opens the door for imaginations to grow through pretend play.

Just like real babies, Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls dolls like to eat so it’s never a bad idea to stock up on some essentials such as the Baby Alive Powdered Doll Food! This 8-pack set of powdered doll food is easy to prepare. Just empty one food packet into a bowl (not included), add 15ml of water and then mix it up. With an included spoon to feed the baby dolls, this Baby Alive Powdered Doll Food is one Baby Alive essential that no doll parent should sleep on!

Features :

  • The Baby Alive Powdered Doll Food includes:
    • 8 1oz Packets of Powdered Doll Food
    • 1 Spoon
  • To prepare, just pour 1 packet of the powdered doll food into a mixing bowl (not included), add 15ml of water and mix it all together.
  • Use the included spoon to feed Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls dolls (each sold separately).
  • The Powdered Doll Food is not reusable.
  • Made only for Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls dolls (not included, sold separately).
  • Suitable for kids from 3 years and up.

Keep your child happy by keeping their Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls doll’s belly full with the Baby Alive Powdered Doll Food (each sold separately).