Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby Doll



Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby Doll comes with realistic functions perfect for aspiring little doctors and nurses!

Baby Dolls are popular with children all around the world. By mirroring lifelike functions of a real baby, the Baby Alive range makes doll-play more interactive and opens the door for imaginations to grow through pretend play.

This Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby Doll can’t go out today because she’s not feeling so well. She has to stay at home and she needs a little bit of help to get back on her feet. Your child can use the included interactive thermometer to find out what’s wrong with this adorable baby doll. Once your little carer knows what’s wrong with the baby doll, they can choose one out of the two medicine packets to give her to make her feel all better. Simply let them mix the powder doll medicine with about 3 teaspoons (15ml) of water then use the included medicine dropper to give the baby doll her medicine. And if the baby doll has a boo-boo, your child can use the bandage sticker to patch the baby doll up. A little cuddling and a small kiss help make the baby doll feel better too! Complete with a nappy for the baby doll, this Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby Doll is an excellent new toy for little doctors or nurses to practise their caring skills on!

Features :

  • The Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby Doll is a blonde-haired baby girl doll that includes:
    • 1 Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby Doll
    • 1 Removable Pyjamas
    • 1 Medicine Cup
    • 1 Dropper
    • 2 Packets of Doll Medicine
    • 1 Interactive Thermometer
    • 1 Sheet of Bandage Stickers
    • 1 Tissue
    • 1 Instructions Sheet
  • Kids must use the included thermometer to know what the baby doll needs.
  • Once they know what the baby doll needs, your child can mix in the baby doll’s medicine with 15ml of water then use the dropper to give it to the baby doll.
  • The baby doll can also drink water from her cup when she gets thirsty.
  • Don’t forget to change her nappy (additional diapers are sold separately).
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2cm x 22.9cm x 35.6cm
  • Suitable for kids from 3 years and up.

Foster your child’s budding interest in the medical profession by letting them play and care for the Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby Doll!