Baby Alive Magic Mixer Baby in Blonde



Baby Alive Magic Mixer Baby in Blonde is a real-functioning baby doll complete with powdered doll food, a real-working blender and other accessories for a pink-themed playtime!

Baby Dolls are popular with children all around the world. By mirroring lifelike functions of a real baby, the Baby Alive range makes doll-play more interactive and opens the door for imaginations to grow through pretend play.

This Baby Alive Magic Mixer Baby is a blonde-haired baby doll who can eat and poop! Little doll parents can prepare this cute little doll a snack by opening up one of the two included powdered doll food sachets, pour it inside the included real-working toy blender, mix with 3 teaspoons (or 15ml) of water then press the button on the blender to mix everything up into a yummy-looking pink treat! This baby comes with her special spoon for feeding time and a comb so your child can brush her hair just like a real baby girl. After snack time and drinking from her bottle, this baby doll can get pretty full and just like a real baby, she poops and pees. Your little doll parent can change her diaper easily with a fresh one then feed her all over again, making the Baby Alive Magic Mixer Baby in Blonde a wonderful new baby doll for your child.


  • This version of the Baby Alive Magic Mixer Baby is a blonde-haired baby doll with an appetite and the ability to poop and pee!
  • Includes
    • 1 Baby Alive Magic Mixer Baby in Blonde doll
    • 1 Removable Outfit
    • 2 Diapers
    • 2 Sachets of Powdered Doll Food
    • 1 Blender
    • 1 Bottle
    • 1 Spoon
    • 1 Comb
    • 1 Instructions Sheet
  • Kids can make the baby’s snacks using by pouring the powdered doll food’s contents inside the blender then press the button to mix it all together.
  • Feed the doll her yummy-looking food using her spoon.
  • After eating, this doll poops and after drinking water, she pees! Don’t forget to change her nappy (additional diapers are sold separately).
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2cm x 25.4cm x 35.6cm
  • Suitable for kids from 3 years and up.

Let your child enjoy mixing up snacks for their baby doll with the Baby Alive Magic Mixer Baby in Blonde!