B Toys Whacky Ball



B Toys Whacky Ball features a ball pounding activity and maze playset with mirrored background for added effect.

Entertain kids with a fun-packed pound-a-ball and maze playset. The B Toys Whacky Ball lets kids pound 4 colourful balls in the holes on the top and watch them go in the maze. The balls pass through a spinning wheel then through a tunnel until they arrive at the handy tray where kids can grab the balls to start all over again.

Give the balls a whack and pop. The B Toys Whacky Ball introduces kids to the concept of cause-and-effect while developing their fine motor skills.


  • The B Toys Whacky Ball includes 4 colourful balls and a hammer
  • Comes with a mirrored background for extra fun
  • Safe and comfy for little hands
  • Introduces kids to the concept of cause and effect
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Approximate Dimensions: 32.4 cm x 11.4 cm x 25.7 cm
  • Approximate Weight: 3 kg
  • Great for toddlers ages 1+ years

Start the ball rolling as kids give it a pop with the B Toys Whacky Ball.