B Toys Rodeo Rocker Spotty Rocking Horse



B Toys Rodeo Rocker Spotty is a wooden rocking horse that makes a clippity-clop sound.

Spotty is the perfect companion for your little cowgirl or cowboy. This cool rocking horse has natural hardwood handles and rockers for a classic rook. Kids can settle in the soft and comfy seat and listen to the subtle clip-clop sound as they rock back and forth. As they do, they can imagine going through adventures in the countryside, meadows or the Wild Wild West.

Spotty is part of the B Toys Rodeo Rockers collection, which features a range of cute and comfortable animal rocking toys. All B Toys products are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging.


  • Soft and squishy horse rocking toy with wooden handles and rockers
  • Comfortable seat and smooth handles for a fun ride
  • Made with natural hardwood and packaged in 100% recyclable packaging
  • The little ball inside the animal rocker makes a soft clip-clop sound as kids ride
  • NO batteries required
  • Dimensions: 34.3 cm x 59.95 cm x 46.35 cm
  • Recommended for kids ages 18 months and older

Imaginary adventure awaits as kids ride their B Toys Rodeo Rocker Spotty Rocking Horse.