B. Toys Rodeo Rocker Kazoo Rocking Zebra



B. Toys Rodeo Rocker Kazoo is a rocking plush-bodied zebra that features hardwood handles and makes a clip-clop sound whenever rocked!

Let your little rider meet the super-cute B. Toys Rodeo Rocker Kazoo! This rocking zebra features a soft plush body, a firm seat for endless hours of riding and hardwood handles to hold on to. Toddlers can enjoy riding Kazoo and imagine galloping through the wild whilst listening to the clip-clop sound that the rocker makes!


  • The B. Toys Rodeo Rocker Kazoo is a super cute plush-bodied rocking zebra with a seat designed for comfort and durability plus handles made of natural hardwood.
  • This rocking zebra comes with a wooden ball inside that lets Banjo make a clip-clop sound whenever rocked.
  • A perfect addition to your child’s play centre or nursery.
  • Product Dimensions: 50.8cm x 31cm x 46.4cm
  • Suitable for children from 18 months and older.

Inspire your toddler to enjoy rocking and galloping with the charming B. Toys Rodeo Rocker Kazoo Rocking Zebra!