B Toys Hooty Hoo Shape Sorter



B Toys Hooty Hoo is a cute shape sorting tool with 3 colourful owls and 3 exciting bead mazes.

It’s a fun matching game for kids! Little ones need to match the 3 small owls to their specific shapes and hear an adorable hoot once the owls slide down the chutes. Each owl comes with a unique shape and sound to excite your little learning. As they play with this shape sorter, they will learn to recognize colours and shapes, including a triangle, circle, and square. It also develops their dexterity and motor skills as they guide the different beads across the wires.

The developmental sorting game is easy for small children to play. They only insert the owl into the colour-coded slot and be rewarded with a superb sound. This toy is safe for toddlers because there are no sharp edges, and pieces are easy for small hands to hold and manipulate.


  • This unique shape sorted comes with:
    • 3 colourful owls
    • 3 bead mazes
  • Owls have different colours (red, yellow and purple) and different shapes (triangle, circle and square)
  • Toy owls make a funny sound as they slide down on the shoot
  • Bead mazes help improve dexterity, while sorting helps exercise matching skills
  • Dimensions: 15.24 cm x 15.24 cm x 20.65 cm
  • Stacking toys is recommended for babies ages 10 months and older.

Introduce babies to the fun in stacking, matching and sorting with the B Toys Hooty Hoo Shape Sorter.