B Toys Candy Pup Plush



B Toys Candy Pup Plush is a snuggly friend that kids can take anywhere.

Introduce kids to a special friend in B Toys Candy Pup Plush. This plush dog is ready for lots of cuddles. It is super soft and looks cute with its grey and white fur, vibrant paws and geometric-patterned ears. Make sure to bring this soft toy for a picnic in the park, around the block or during bedtime. It’s a great gift for kids from birth onwards.


  • Candy pup plush that measures 12 inches or 30.5 cm.
  • Soft and cuddly plush toy in an adorable colour
  • Perfect for play, bedtime and lots of cuddles
  • Suitable for big and small kids
  • Dimensions: 12.7 cm x 15.24 cm x 30.5 cm
  • Recommended from birth onwards

Take B Toys Candy Pup Plush for lots of play, snuggles and cuddles at the end of the day.