Australian Geographic T-Rex Wood Kit



Australian Geographic T-Rex Wood Kit encourages kids to build a 3D wooden Tyrannosaurus figure that measures 33cm long.

The Tyrannosaurus is one of the most fearsome creatures of all time. Its jaws have 60 teeth, and each one measures up to 20cm.

With the Australian Geographic T-Rex Wood Kit, kids can create their own wooden model of this ferocious dinosaur. The set is easy to assemble using the pieces included in the set. The kit also comes with an illustrated guide to help parents and children as they complete this magnificent 33cm long dinosaur figure.


  • This kit includes wooden pieces that kids can attach to form a 33cm long 3D wood dinosaur.
  • Collect all three dino figures, including the T-rex, Velociraptor and Stegosaurus.
  • An educational activity where kids can learn about the skeleton of the T-rex and other essential information.
  • Great gift for kids who love dinosaurs, puzzles and crafts.
  • Suitable for dinosaur lovers ages 3+ years

Satisfy your child’s love for dinosaurs as he builds his creation with the Australian Geographic T-Rex Wood Kit.