Ambi Three Little Boats



Ambi Three Little Boats is a perfect bath set companion for your child.

Ambi Three Little Boats is a set of tub toys that can float on water, giving a fun bath time for our child. He will find bubbles, floating objects and splash of water fascinating. This is also the best time for bonding and learning. Both parents and child are screen-free and you can use this period to really connect with each other. Your child will also get to stimulate his other senses during bathing such as a sense of smell, touch and hearing. Teach him about colours, shapes. sounds and alphabets.


  • Ambi Three Little Boats is a set of tub toys that will give your child a fun time while bathing.
  • You can also use the time that you are putting the parts together as a learning activity with your child or surprise him with a fully assembled sailboat.
  • Ambi Three Little Boats also promote visual stimulation as this set features colours of yellow, blue, green, red and white.
  • This product measures 5 x 15 x 7.5 cm and doesn’t have any parts that can trap water so moulds do not build up.
  • Recommended for Ages 12 months and up.

Turn your child’s regular bath time into a fun and great learning experience with Ambi Three Little Boats!