Abacus Professor Maxwell’s VR Magic Kit



Abacus Professor Maxwell’s VR Magic Kit is a 30-piece magic set featuring 34 interactive tricks to explore through virtual reality!

Take your child’s interest in magic to the next level of excitement and wonder with the Abacus Professor Maxwell’s VR Magic Kit! This magic kit lets kids explore 34 fun-filled interactive magic tricks from the included 80-paged book to try out through the VR goggles (compatible with most Android and Apple smartphones). Each magic trick comes with step-by-step videos to guide young magicians as they make their way through augmented reality to boost their confidence whilst getting to watch the tricks in action.

Complete with a card deck, a few cups and balls, a fake thumb, some ropes, a handkerchief, a magic wand, a magic hat and so much more, the Abacus Professor Maxwell’s VR Magic Kit will totally be a fantastic gift to young magic fans!


  • The Abacus Professor Maxwell’s VR Magic Kit is a 30-piece magic kit that includes a pair of VR goggles, an 80-paged book, a card deck, a fake thumb, a handkerchief, cups and balls, ropes, a hat, a magic wand and so much more!
  • This kit helps boost young magicians’ confidence in performing different magic tricks by learning from the included step-by-step videos through the use of virtual and augmented reality.
  • Simply let your child refer to the included book to find which science experiment they’d like to try out.
  • The included VR goggles are compatible with most Apple and Android smartphones (not compatible with tablets).
  • Suitable for kids, ages 8 years and older.

Nurture your child’s love for magic tricks by letting them learn through an innovative way with the Abacus Professor Maxwell’s VR Magic Kit!