5 Minute Marvel Card Game



5 Minute Marvel Card Game is the Marvel version of the fast-moving, co-operative battle game for the whole family

The 5 Minute Marvel Card Game is unlike any other game, first off everyone is on the same team in order to defeat the Marvel bosses. This game is fast as you need to beat the 5-minute timer, and prepare yourself for loads of laughter and yelling as you all band together to beat those monsters.

Features :

  • The 5 Minute Marvel Card Game is a chaotic, fast card game, but even though there is loads of noise and laughing all the players are on the same team.
  • Players join together in teams to beat the difficult Marvel bosses,
  • Each player receives a superhero identity and plays the hero’s cards as quickly as they can to defeat the boss. You may choose to use the action card or the special ability cards, it’s up to you, but play fast.

The 5 Minute Marvel Card Game is awesome fun for the whole family, groups of friends or just whilst traveling.