15-Piece Student Stationery Set



15-Piece Student Stationery Set is your child’s companion to an Eco-friendly environment!

Teaching your children to learn to write at an early age helps to improve fine motor skills by practicing with pencils and pens. Give your children the proper writing tools with this Eco-friendly stationery set that will make learning and art more engaging and interactive!

Prioritize your child’s screen-free time as you introduce them to stationery materials that they can use to practice writing, drawing, and learning more about shapes, numbers, letters, and figures. 

The combination of pens and pencils is a helpful tip in helping the transition from pencil to pen for your children. Let your children have fun learning with Eco-friendly writing tools that they will love! Channel their inner love for the environment with this Eco-friendly set!


  • This Eco Stationery Set includes:
    • 6-pencils
    • 1-black ballpoint pen
    • 1-sharpener
    • 1-mechanical pencil
    • 1-blue ballpoint pen
    • 1-black gel ink pen
    • 1-fine tip black gel ink pen
    • 1-combo pen – black ballpoint one end, yellow highlighter another end
    • 2-highlighters – green and orange
  • Enhances their fine motor skills and essential skills
  • This product measures: 21.0cm x 19.5cm x 3.1cm
  • Suitable for children ages 5 years old and above

Equip your children with Eco-friendly stationery materials and tools to learn in productive and efficient ways. Ignite creativity and imagination as they learn to write, design, and colour through this 15 Piece Student Stationery Set.